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Fully qualified, insured and DBS checked, with over 18 years experience.

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A quick and temporary removal of unwanted hair from the roots.

Using the Phd safe wax system, a more hygenic approach to waxing using individual applicators for each client.

Eyebrows £8.50

Top Lip £6.50

Chin £7.00

Lip & Chin £12.00

Face £15.00

Underarms £7.50

Forearms £10.00

Full Arm £15.00

Bikini £8.50

Brazilian £13.50

Hollywood £18.00

1/2 Leg £13.00

3/4 Leg £16.00

Full Leg £20.00

Full Leg & Bikini £26.00

Wax Package

Including full leg, bikini, underarms & eyebrows £39.00


Orginated in the Middle East, it has been used for centuries. Providing a kinder approach to the skin, hairs removed from the root. Performed using a length of twisted cotton thread to catch and pull the hairs out effectively.

Top Lip £5.00

Chin £6.00

Lip & Chin £9.50

Face £15.00

PhD safewax pic